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Taste the Difference

All of our products are baked during the night by our team of skilled bakers for guaranteed freshness.

We bake the traditional way, using the Bulk Fermentation Process, eliminating the need to use any unnecessary additives.  Bulk Fermentation creates organic acids and natural carbon dioxide gases, and it is these that primarily give the dough its flavour, strength, volume & lightness.  By taking the time to use this traditional method we ensure a delicious taste and the highest quality in each and every product we bake.

We take the time to do it right – and that, just as much as the quality ingredients, is what makes our bread taste so great. A winning combination for 3 generations.

Plain Batch Loaf

Sliced Batch Loaf

Wholemeal Sliced Batch

Crusty White Pan

Crusty Brown Pan

Spelt & Honey Loaf

Multiseed Bread

Traditional Brack

Rich Fruit Brack

Cherry Log

Iced Cherry Log

Buttermilk Soda

Fruit Soda

6 Fruit Scones